How to build the best snowman ever

Outdoor play in winter

Are your kids as excited as mine? As soon as they see the first snowflake they are thrilled. Normally it takes ages before they get out of their pyama and get dressed. Now it is just a couple of minutes. They grab their sleighs and go outside. I just have to check if their clothes are warm enough. Once this adrenaline has gone, they start building a snowman. This year they decided to build the best snowman ever! We are glad to share our tips.

Step 1: Perfect snow

Snowman snow must be packable to hold together. If the snow is too powdery it will not pack and sift through your fingers like sand. Fresh snow that has fallen when the temperature is around OoC degrees (320F) is ideal. Here is our tip: if your snow is too powdery, just spray it with a little water.

Step 2: Packing

Take a handful snow and shape it into a ball. Keep packing and start rolling. Roll in different directions (left, right, back and forth) to get the perfect snowballs. Roll the bottom snowball until it is knee-high.

Step 3: Pack again and again

Repeat step 2 for the torso of the snowman which should be until it’s two-thirds of the base. Then pack again and roll the head until it’s two-thirds the size of the middle.

Step 4: Stack

Stack the three snowballs. Start with the bottom, then the torso and then put on the head. Tip: flatten the top of the bottom snowball with your hand or a shovel. Then place the middle snowball (torso) on top. Flatten also the bottom of the head. Then add the head. Pack additional snow around the three snowballs to connect them. 

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Step 5: Decorate 

Style your snowman with the many natural and amazing wonders winter has to offer. We always look for sticks, twigs, branches, and leaves nearby; take a hike and look for out-of-the-ordinary findings. Use your creativity to personalize your snowman. You can use (crazy) clothing, umbrellas, snorkels, sunglasses…..etc.

Happy snowman making! We would love to see your snowman, please share your story and the pictures (you made with your Wanderwatch ) in the comments.