Wanderwatch is the first 100 percent safe smartwatch

Buy a safe smartwatch that protects your kid

Cheap smartwatches for kids don't protect your kids data. We do!

It is all over the news today: “GPS watches for kids have failing security”. It is not immediately apparent at the surface, but research done by the Norwegian "Forbrukerrådet" (Download the Test report hier) shows that the security of cheap childrens smartwatches is failing.

Data about kids must be protected

Because the data connections are improperly secured, it is easy to get the location of kids or even change it, so kids appear in a different location than they really are. Also, these kids watches can be remotely controlled to retreive camera and microphone recordings. 

This data should never be out on the streets

When this data gets into the wrong hands, it could potentially be disastrous. Eavesdropping on the watch camera and microphone are simply not tolerable.

Wanderwatch is the first 100% safe Smartwatch

Wanderwatch was designed with security in mind from the start. Communication with kids and their whereabouts is well protected. All connections are encrypted. And even if you were able to get your hands on a parent’s account and password, you would still not be able to login from a different smartphone than the one used for registration. We have our eyes out for suspicious activity.

Much more than a GPS tracker

Wanderwatch offers the best GPS tracking solution in the market. When a parent starts the map on the parents app, Wanderwatch starts sending location updates at 1 minute intervals.

However, Wanderwatch offers more than that. Beyond chat and GPS tracking, your children can play interactive outdoor games. This will make outdoor play cool again. Time to Play!

A lot of value for money

Wanderwatch offers the same hardware functionalities as a smartphone, but in a much smaller form factor. It is an advanced piece of technology with a lot of functionalities. GPS tracking is only one feature. You can also chat with voice, text and doodles. Wanderwatch introduces modern outdoor play. Cool for kids and great for parents. Because we offer more than a stand-alone GPS tracker, the price is higher. It's better to spend more for a safe watch and a safe child.

Buy a safe watch that protects your child!

Wanderwatch - Smartwatch for outdoor play