What about innovation in outdoor toys?

Outdoor toys have hardly changed since ages

I hope that my great memories of playing outside can be passed on to my own children. That they too can experience the ultimate sense of freedom, that feeling that they themselves can discover the world.

Unfortunately, I can hardly tear my kids away from their iPad’s and game consoles. This regularly leads to my great frustration. I started thinking and came to the conclusion that outdoor toys have hardly changed. There is still a ball, a bike and a skipping rope. There is of course nothing wrong with these.
For many hours I played with the ball. I became quite skilled with it. Throwing, catching and bouncing. You can do endless tricks with the ball. We invented a lot of games with this ball and a lot of friends on the block joined in. But then again we had no advanced game consoles.

If you compare toys which are currently available for indoors with the toys for outside, you see that outdoor toy development has lagged behind. I am really amazed about that. Are the toy manufacturers not interested in this market? Is the market for outdoor toys declining? I can’t seem to get my head around why this is. With all the technology available, couldn’t they develop new toys for 2017 and beyond?

What were your favorite outdoor toys?