You think your children are too young to get a mobile phone?

But you do want to communicate with them

Everybody is always connected. With your very young kids this connection is often physical. You are always in the same space as they are and you keep continuously an eye on them. But as they grow older they need more and more their own space. They need to go out and get to explore the world on their own. And here is the thing, you need to let them go. Something you want to do but in a responsible way.

Calling on a smartwatch is embarrassing

Today’s children grow up in a world where everyone is constantly connected. They like, just like us, quick ways of communicating. Observing them and talking to them gives you interesting insides. The most important one: these children do not call anymore.
We as parents ask them what about a phone feature. They looked at us and one told us: “so then I am with my friends and then my mom would call like: “hi sweetie”, what do you think? Would that be cool”?

Nothing to add. So, leave the call option out.

Chatting with children who cannot read or write

Communication is important also for young children. But how to accommodate children that can and can not write or read? Look for different ways of chatting:

  1. Text: just dictate a text. You can even type. The keyboard works remarkably well for its small size. This is for the children that can write or read

  2. Voice message: your child only has to talk or listen, but please do not embarrass your child 😉

  3. Doodle: draw the message. For instance, draw a house, easy to do and your child will understand that you mean: please come home.

Safety of the smartwatch is important

Safety has to be taken seriously. We do not want young children to communicate with everyone. The best way to ensure this is to use a closed system. You as a parent should be the only one connecting mobile phone devices with the device of your child through your own parent app. It means that you decide who is allowed to communicate with your child e.g. babysitter or grandparents.

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Tips & Tricks
Children are so creative in using these tools. We saw children developing their own secret language when doodling messages to each other. ☺