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Give children a healthy and happy future

How to build the best snowman ever

Ellie Karssemakers
January 2019 — 3630 views DIYOutdoor playTips and tricks

The coolest parties for kids with Wanderwatch

Ellie Karssemakers
July 2018 — 2554 views Coolest gadgetCoolest gadget for kidsOutdoor play

National Outdoor Play Day

Ellie Karssemakers
June 2018 — 2503 views Outdoor playWanderwatch event

Easter bootcamp was big success

Ellie Karssemakers
April 2018 — 3093 views Outdoor playWanderwatch event

Myopia on the rise in children increases the risk to get blind

Ellie Karssemakers
December 2017 — 5224 views Outdoor play

More than 3 hours screen time per day ?!

Ellie Karssemakers
December 2017 — 3084 views Outdoor play

10 Reasons why Outdoor Play is so Important

Ellie Karssemakers
November 2017 — 3808 views Outdoor play

Wanderwatch is the first 100 percent safe smartwatch

Anton de Nijs
October 2017 — 5660 views Coolest gadgetCoolest gadget for kidsOutdoor play

Wanderwatch the coolest gadget for kids is now available

Ellie Karssemakers
September 2017 — 6040 views Coolest gadget for kidsOutdoor play

Protecting your kid is a good thing...

Ellie Karssemakers
August 2017 — 2966 views Outdoor play

Why brains need fresh air

Ellie Karssemakers
May 2017 — 3204 views Outdoor play

Outdoor play is very important!

Anton de Nijs
March 2017 — 3438 views Outdoor play

Children spend less time outdoors than prisoners

Ellie Karssemakers
February 2017 — 3869 views Outdoor play

Gamify outdoors

Ellie Karssemakers
February 2017 — 5048 views Outdoor play

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