Charging Wanderwatch


In normal circumstances, Wanderwatch is constantly connected. That means that the device uses quite some energy and it needs to be recharged daily. We have seen a lot of fragile connectors on many products, but we decided to do it right. Wanderwatch comes with a charger plate that easily snaps into place. Just align the contacts and put the charger plate underneath the watch.

Magnetic charger plate 

Magnetic adapter adsorbs the back shell of the watch. Please ensure contact pins on both the adapter and the back shell are well contacted. While charging when the watch is on, the power indication icon on the menu indicates charging status. If the watch if off, the battery percentage can be seen by briefly pressing the power button (see device layout) 

 NOTE: When the power is low, the Wanderwatch will display a warning message. When the power is too low, the Wanderwatch will automatically shut down. Do not leave the battery in low power state for too long as that might damage the battery.

Charging the battery 

Charge the battery before using it for the first time or when it sits unused for extended periods. Use only Wanderwatch-approved chargers and accessories, which are specifically designed for your device. 

1 Connect the USB cable to a USB power adaptor or other USB charging port. 

2 Place the device in the Magnetic charger dock and ensure a good fit. The device charges automatically.  Charging takes approximately 1.5 hours

3 When device has been fully charged reverse the steps 1 and 2. 

 Ensure that the softband does not touch the charger plate when charging 

Softband does not touch charger plate while chargingSoftband does not touch charger plate while charging