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Using the prepaid simcard

Always connected

When you purchase a Wanderwatch, it includes a prepaid simcard. This simcard will guarantee you the best connectivity anywhere in Europe or the USA. See the list of supported countries for more information on your country. This list will be kept up-to-date when we add new countries.

Always the best available connection

Wanderwatch is able to connect to multiple carriers within a country. That means that you always have the best possible connection. Wanderwatch will automatically select the best network (recommended), but of you need to, you can override it manually. 

 It is usually recommended to leave selecting the carrier to "Choose automatically". However, you might have to manually choose another carrier in some locations.

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Manually set a provider  Understanding credits  

Manually set a provider

In case you want to override automatic selection of the best provider, please do the following:

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Open the settings

From the Wanderwatch main menu choose the settings (gear icon) and within the settings screen, press the gear icon again to open the Settings screen of the watch. 

Then, browse to "Connect" and click it


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Go to "Cellular networks"

The cellular networks menu contains all configuration for mobile data connections 

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Choose "Network operators"

 Wanderwatch will automatically set some settings, such as data enabled and data roaming. These settings are needed for the correct operation. Wanderwatch will automatically reset those settings so they cannot be changed.

Scroll down to "Network operators" and click on it

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Please be patient...

Searching for the providers can take a few minutes. Once done, the watch will automatically display the next screen 

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Selecting the provider

Scroll down to see all provider networks. The watch can connect to 2G or 3G. 2G is generally slower, but gives a better reception. Click on the provider you want and be patient. Once the watch connects successfully you will see a message

 If you want to revert to automatic settings, press "Choose automatically".

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When you see this message, the watch has successfully registered. If you get another message, please select another provider from the list. Some providers could not be supported.

You can now exit the menu and enjoy Wanderwatch!

Understanding credits

Wanderwatch uses a prepaid simcard. You will only pay for what you use. You can recharge Wanderwatch prepaid credits using the Parent's app. Click on the simcard icon for a child to go to the recharge settings. Read Wanderwatch credits, how does it work? for more information about the credits and why we use it.